Is Your whānau Ready for the Digital Age?

Learn key digital skills to operate in a rapidly changing world where technology is impacting the way we live. 
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A Range of Topics to help you live better

Kanorau Digital has a wide range of topics that will help whanau in their everyday lives. Key topics will be covered in class, but all topics will also be available online. 

Below is a sample of the topics available that you may learn:

Access eServices

Sign up to government services online like Realme, IRD, ACC, etc. 

Design Easily

Use tools like Canva and Google Slides to design CV's, presentations, or graphics.

Shop Online

Order groceries online from Supermarkets, or products from other retailers in NZ or abroad.


Send Emails and Calendar appointments to personal or professional contacts.

Connect Online

Use Social Media or Video tools like Zoom to connect with others.

Create Accounts

Learn the fundamentals of creating accounts and how to create good passwords.

Get Help Online

Get help by searching online for service providers, and apply for help online.

Manage Finances

Manage money using Google Sheets for budgeting, or learn about internet banking.

Search Google

Find solutions to your problems using the Google Search Engine and YouTube platforms.

Spot Scams

Identify Scams and Potential Threats and learn how to handle these to stay safe.

Build a Website

Build a website to showcase your projects for study or whanau kaupapa.

Upload to Cloud

Upload and store photos and files to free cloud storage services like Google Photos & Drive.
Lisa Graham Kanorau Participant
Lisa Graham rarely used the internet. She didn’t know the basics of how to use a computer or how to get around the web. She was also afraid of being scammed online. However, doing the Kanorau Digital programme changed all of that!

“I’m going online a lot more now and feel more confident with the internet. I also know how to use my phone better!” 
Lisa Graham
Kanorau Digital Participant

How Digital Impacts Whānau

The Covid pandemic lockdown put a spotlight on how isolated and vulnerable whānau can be when they don't have the skills, internet access, or devices to operate in the digital world. 

Kanorau Digital aims to change that by empowering whānau to learn skills, become independent, and reap many of the benefits that the digital world provides. 

If you already have the skills and confidence, why not assist your whānau who need help get training!
help your whānau get training!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course free?

Yes, this course is totally free at present. Don’t delay in attending, as we can’t guarantee that it will be free forever.

Are there any pre-requisites for attending this course?

Basic English literacy is recommended to participate in our normal classes.

We are looking to run classes in Pasifika languages with our partner Pasifika Futures like Tonga and Samoan.

If you are attending our online options, you will need internet access, and a suitable device to learn on. 

If attending a live online class, you will also need Zoom installed to join the class.

Who is this course for?

Although this course was designed with Māori, Pasifika, and people with disabilities in mind, it is open to all Kiwis who need digital skills training.

How many times can I register and attend?

You can register and attend in-person classes up to three times if you need refreshers. There are no limits to attend online live or support sessions.

What are private courses?

Private courses are options for partners who have clients with specific needs where the class can be tailored to their needs.

If you have a group of whanau or friends between 10-16 participants, get in touch about our private option.

We are setup for mobile delivery and can come and deliver to your group. Some conditions apply for this option so please get in touch.

What support is available?

Support is only available to those who registered for the Kanorau course.

You can get support by calling our 0800 KANORAU during normal business hours, emailing, or attending an online support session via Zoom by clicking the 'Get Support' link in the top menu.

What topics are covered?

There is a wide range of topics in the course including those listed above. We will be adding more content so join to be notified of when these are released. 

Why should I do this course?

The world is rapidly changing where digital skills are becoming a necessity for the modern era.

The global pandemic highlighted how vulnerable people can be due to lock downs when not being able to order groceries or medicines, get help, or communicate online.

With banks closing branches, and the threat of future lockdowns, there are many reasons to start learning digital skills for life.

How do I register?

You can register via this website, by calling our 0800 526 672, emailing, or completing a printed registration form.

I don’t have a device or internet access at home, is it still worth attending?

For those who need internet access, you may be eligible for a Skinny Jump programme if you meet their criteria. Kanorau Digital can provide you with information on how to get access to a free Skinny Jump device.

You may be able to get discount on devices from one of our suppliers by attending the course.

Do I need to bring anything when I come to class?

Mainly your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. We supply all equipment and resources for learning in class.

Some people do bring their own headphones to listen to videos without disturbing others.

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How to start Learning

We have a range of FREE learning options for individuals and collectives through our various offerings. 

Register for a public course scheduled around the country, or request a public course in your area if you don't see a course scheduled near you.

We are also setup for mobile delivery so can visit if you have a group of 10-16 people through our private delivery option.*
*Terms & Conditions Apply